What do you see as some of the challenges and/or opportunities facing North Mankato???

City Administrator
The first order of business is to get a new City Administrator hired, in place and up to speed in the operations of North Mankato. Our past history of City Administrators has been long-term tenure. There are big shoes to fill in this position. The selection process needs to be diligent and thorough, till we find the proper person for the job. If this person is selected by January 1, then the City Council needs to assist the new City Administrator with policy guidance.

Financial Planning
Development of a Long Term Financial Plan is a necessary goal for the future of the city. This will provide an analysis of what funding and bonding mechanisms are in place, with consideration of next 5 years of budget expectations and their effects on future levies.
Things may have been easier in the past, that is, the 2000’s provided exceptional growth in housing and industry. This resulted in an increasing tax base and increased revenues to do the projects in the City without adverse effect on constituents. Now that the tax base has shrunk, LGA has been reduced and growth has stagnated. Resulting in a perfect storm on the tax levy. The net effect is, now the constituents are going to pay for some past decisions, whether good or bad.

First of all, North Mankato will always retain its autonomy.
I have started to explore the past relationships between North Mankato and other entities. This has included discussions with various people on this collaboration issue. Everyone has been receptive to this. The interested parties have provided a litany of ideas which are worth investigating. Water, waste collection, EDA…
We need to continue to explore collaboration of shared services for the economic benefit and well-being of the citizens.
Two years ago the intergovernmental committee was broadened to explore more opportunities between Mankato and North Mankato. This needs to be continued.

Are we competitive in the neighborhood???
How do we compare to our neighbors and peers as a place to live?” Measurable numbers should reveal a ranking and actual cost of living within North Mankato vs neighboring communities. The assumption in the past was that North Mankato provided an excellent value and quality of service to its citizens. I do not think this is true today. Have we lost that edge and if so, “How do we get it back”?

What is the Focus of our City???
Do we continue the ways of the past or do we explore new directions of the City Process, Economic Growth and Cultural Expectations of North Mankato’s Citizens.