My City Council Work Plan

City Administrator
The first order of business is to get a new City Administrator hired, in place and up to speed in the operations of North Mankato. If a person is selected by January 1, then the City Council needs to assist the new City Administrator with policy guidance.

Long Term Financial Plan
Develop a Long Term Financial Plan for the City.

Improve the collaborative efforts with our community neighbors.

Are we competitive in the neighborhood???
“How do we compare to our neighbors and peers as a place to live?” Measurable numbers should reveal a ranking and actual cost of living within North Mankato. The assumption in the past was that North Mankato provided an excellent value and quality service to its citizens. Have we lost that edge and if so, “How do we get it back”?

What is the Focus of our City???
Do we continue the ways of the past or do we explore new directions of the City Process, economic growth and Cultural expectations of North Mankato’s Citizens.